Historical Tourist Information
Medieval village built on a promontory overlooking the sea with a beautiful and historic center. Several churches and museums to visit and sites archaeological nearby. The port is in the country. Fascinating country and renowned for its excellent fish of its waters.

Approach and entrance
The headland on which stands the town is easily discernible from the sea and the port is located to the west. Input port is to stay on the good side of Wharf sovraflutto and paying attention to dry on the left side on coast.

Threats and warnings
Dangerous to enter the port with strong winds of the quadrant I and IV, which create a wave that prevents entry. In particular Maestrale strong blows for several days creates steep waves that collide with those of back from the coast.

Mooring and anchoring
Port town well organized, with wharves and services ordered.

Fuel and ground services
Fuel dock, ramp and crane. Services are bundled into the country.

Technical data

Latitude: 40° 54' 50
Longitude: 8° 42' 11
Draft: 3/5m.
Max lenght: 25m.
Berths: 400