Bunker via Truck and Filling Station

Technical Data

Latitude: 40° 33' 46 N

Longitude: 8° 18' 38 E

Depth: 3/5m

Maximum Lenght: 60m

Mooring Places: 960

Historical Tourist Information

A historical town with a beautiful centre and fortified walls that date back to the Doria government and the Aragonese and Catalan domination. The port is set against this backdrop of town centre bastions with all services at your fingertips. The surrounding area offers many opportunities for inland excursions to visit archaeological sites, churches, villages and towns with a focus on the specific food and wine delicacies that each area has to offer. The port is in the town.

Approach and Entry

Coming from the sea, the bastions with towers and the whole town are clearly visible, and even at night the many lights provide a certain reference point. The entrance to the port is well signposted and sufficiently sheltered. You can leave the islet of Maddalenetta and its red light to the left and pull in to starboard near the long breakwater.

Hazards and Warnings

There are no particular dangers to report when approaching and entering port. The crosswinds are from quadrants III and IV and create surf and swell at the entrance but are immediately dampened near the pier.

Mooring and Anchoring

There are many floating pontoons and several operators with a good number of berths reserved for transit. The berths are well organised and have adequate facilities. Just outside the harbour there is a large stretch of water to anchor in with a good sandy bottom.

Fuel and Ground Services

Fuel station at the upper end of the pier on the left as you enter. Slide and crane. All services are within a stone's throw of the pontoons in the town, mechanics, electricians, boat shops, tanks etc.