Filling Station

Technical Data

Latitude: 40° 54' 50

Longitude: 8° 42' 11

Depth: 3/5m

Maximum Lenght: 25m

Mooring Places: 400

Historical Tourist Information

Medieval village built on a promontory over the sea with a beautiful and distinctive historic centre. Several churches and museums to visit and archaeological sites in the surrounding area. The port is in the town.

A fascinating place, famed for the excellent fish in its waters.

Approach and Entry

The promontory on which the village stands is easily identifiable from the sea and the port is located to the west. When entering the harbour, it is best to stay on the side of the breakwater quay and watch out for the shoals on the left side on the coast.

Hazards and Warnings

It is dangerous to enter the harbour with strong winds from quadrants I and IV creating a wave pattern that prevents entry. In particular with the strong Mistral that has been blowing for several days, it creates strong waves that collide with those returning from the coast.

Mooring and Anchoring

Well organised municipal harbour, pontoons with services and tidy.

Fuel and Ground Services

Fuel on the quay, slipway and crane. Full services are available in the town.