Isola Rossa

Filling Station

Historical Tourist information

A picturesque village that began as a fishing village protected by a beautiful Spanish tower. It can offer the chance of an excursion into the inland countryside to taste the excellent products of the area. The port is in the town.

Approach and Entry

It is easy to find and easy to enter, but do not extend to the right towards the beach, where sand may move. Sheltered from quadrant IV winds, the Mistral.

Hazards and Warnings

Some difficulties in manoeuvring if there is a very strong Mistral.

Mooring and Anchoring

The port facility is new with all services on the jetty.

Fuel and Ground Services

Fuel on the quay, slipway and crane. Services and shops nearby.

Port Authority

Compamare P. Torres ph. +39.079.502258 - +39.079.502259

Technical Data

Latitude: 41° 0' 46" N

Longitude: 8° 52' 20" E

Depth: 2/4m

Maximum Lenght: 18m

Mooring Places: 280